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Ticket # SUPGOMEZ-6389

Type: APM as a Service

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  • Dynatrace Portal
  • Dynatrace Recorder

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For the W3C metric DOMComplete, there are numerous N/A points in the waterfall chart.

Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Run the script in the Dynatrace Recorder. If you can see W3C metrics in the waterfall chart, the script is running successfully.
  • To make sure the Timing API can get the DOMComplete data, we recommend using a Wait for Page Complete followed by Wait for Network action at the end of each step. A Wait for Event - Load wait type may not provide enough time for DOMComplete.
  • If the target website has exceptions that interrupt Page Complete, there will be no DOMComplete data. Check the debug log for "W3C : updateW3cPage: ..." to find the page that caused the exception. Use a Filter action to exclude the objects that caused the exceptions.

For more information, see the Recorder help pages Waterfall chart of playback results, Wait script action, and Filter script action; and the reference page W3C metrics.