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What's New


The April 2015 Release of Dynatrace Synthetic is Now Available! (16 APR 2015)

This major release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform provides smarter analytics, powerful collaboration capabilities and an intuitive new online user guide, all wrapped up within a new easy-to-use management console. Comprehensive release notes and a What’s New Customer Webinar are available to learn more.

Community Webinar - What’s New in Dynatrace Synthetic? on March 25 (2 MAR 2015)

Learn about the new features in the March 2015 release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform (formerly Gomez).

Community Webinar - Dynatrace Synthetics Fundamentals - December 17 (15 DEC 2014)

Watch our Community webinar to learn the fundamentals of Dynatrace Synthetic!

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