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Community Webinar Recording - What's New in the Synthetic Monitoring October 2015 Release (5 Nov 2015)

Learn about the new features in the October 2015 release of Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring. 

The October 2015 Release of Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring is Now Available! (30 OCT 2015)

This major release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform provides several new digital performance insight capabilities including an innovative service to help digital business owners maximize their online investments and a new scalable, on-demand load testing platform to ensure readiness for peak season traffic loads.

It's all about ideas (29 OCT 2015)

"Requests for Enhancements"-forums have been renamed to "Product Ideas"-forums. Find out more here.

Perform 2015 Slides and Videos (28 OCT 2015)

Had a great time at Perform 2015 and want to recall some presentations or want to see what you have missed in Orlando?

Community Webinar - What’s Awesome in the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Fall Platform Update Webinar on November 5th (22 OCT 2015)

Register for this webinar to learn about the merger of Keynote and Dynatrace and what it means for you. Our new innovative service, Digital Performance Insights, which delivers ongoing performance insights. An exciting new scalable, on-demand global load testing platform that fits within your DevOps frameworks. Time of webinar: 11AM ET (New York), 8AM PT (SFO), 5PM CEST (Berlin)

Synthetic Monitoring Forums now powered by AnswerHub! (16 SEP 2015)

We moved the Synthetic Monitoring forums to AnswerHub, a state-of-the-art forum technology used by companies like LinkedIn, eBay, GE and Microsoft.

Digital Game Changer Awards (15 SEP 2015)

Dynatrace is launching a new awards program!

Perform 2015 News! (10 SEP 2015)

Attendees at last year’s Perform conference raved about the insights, networking, education, and hands-on training they got. Perform 2015 going to be even bigger and better. Turbo charge your career and training and soak up everything there is to know about monitoring everything from cloud apps and micro-containers, to user experience in Orlando, Florida, on Oct 14-16... Use code "APINEXT50" at registration or 35% off any conference pass!

The April 2015 Release of Dynatrace Synthetic is Now Available! (16 APR 2015)

This major release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform provides smarter analytics, powerful collaboration capabilities and an intuitive new online user guide, all wrapped up within a new easy-to-use management console. Comprehensive release notes and a What’s New Customer Webinar are available to learn more.

Community Webinar - What’s New in Dynatrace Synthetic? on March 25 (2 MAR 2015)

Learn about the new features in the March 2015 release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform (formerly Gomez).

Community Webinar - Dynatrace Synthetics Fundamentals - December 17 (15 DEC 2014)

Watch our Community webinar to learn the fundamentals of Dynatrace Synthetic!

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