Problem description

AMD crashes and the following information can be found in the rtm.log:

"generating core dump"

 but there's no core* file in the /rtm/bin/ directory.

Solutions checklist

Any of the following actions could resolve the problem. The process begins with the most likely solution and we recommend that you perform the following steps in provided sequence. If none of the steps resolve the problem, we urge you to contact our support team. 

1. Check the rtm.config file.

These two lines should exist in the rtm.config file:



Note: First line indicates the number of core files stored on HDD. The value can be greater than 0. No more files than specified will be generated (if you have an old core dump file - please delete it).

2. Check the HDD space on rtm's partition.

Use the df -h command.

Note: there should be at least the same amount of HDD space available as the total available memory size, which will be dumped onto the hard disk.

3. Verify the maximum size allowed of a core file to be created.

Use the ulimit -c command to verify what is the allowed size of a core file to be created. If "0" is returned, change it to "unlimited" or any reasonable value by running one of the following commands:

ulimit -c unlimited

ulimit -c 5000000

Note: The first one sets no memory limitation. The second sets 5GB limit.

4. Check if the core dumping is enabled.

Run the rcon utility and the following command:





Note: The core dumping enabled notification should be displayed.

What to do next

If none of the provided solutions resolved the issue, please collect AMD diagnostic information (DC RUM Console -> Manage devices -> (select proper AMD server) -> Export diagnostic information) and contact our Support team.