We've improved the Community news alert feature to ensure that you receive only the essential news for your Dynatrace product. Now you can sign up for a dedicated news alert for each Dynatrace product to get timely information about release updates, early access programs, events & webinars, as well as general Community news delivered to your email inbox.

If you were previously subscribed to receive general Community news alerts, you will have to re-subscribe to one of the new product news alerts to continue to receive email notifications. 

To subscribe to a Community product news alert, go to your product's news page and click the Subscribe button at the top of the page:

The Community news alert is just one of several options for staying informed of the latest product news and general Community news. See the Community User Guide to learn more about how you can stay informed.

Note: If you sign up for more than one product news alert, you will not receive duplicate emails in the case of a general Community news announcement.