Detail the contextual information specific to the issue; i.e. Product, Version, Agent, System, etc.

AppMon 6.1+


Describe the problem, from the user perspective

Some features in PTC products (e.g. Creo) which are using the embedded browser are not work properly when UEM is enabled.

Note the underlying reason for the problem

Please make the following changes to the Windchill system profile:

  • edit the system profile, goto "user experience"
  • select the "default application" tab > in the top right corner select "manage capture content"
  • under "Ajax (XHR) detection" enable two packages: Active X Object detection & jQuery
  • under "additional options" make sure the top one is enabled (JS agent fixes execScript problem)
  • hit "apply"


Your settings should look like this:


It's not necessary to restart dynatrace, Windchill or any other application after applying the changes, this is a runtime change.