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Upcoming Dynatrace Community Webinars

Dynatrace will host webinars on different topics presented by members of the Center of Excellence as well as Engineers from the R&D Labs. Check out the upcoming Webinars. You can register to watch them live or view them offline once we make them available on APMU.

Interested in a specific topic? Post a comment to this page or send an email to community@dynatrace.com

Upcoming TopicsDetailsDateParticipate
Live Q&A Session Reoccuring Live Q&A Session with a Dynatrace Expert. All meetings are recorded and put on our YouTube ChannelEvery other week Register for the next webinar
What's new in Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring

Learn about the exciting recent updates and new enhancements coming to the platform in July, including:

  • Our new web-based recorder for easy scripting
  • Our new retry on error capability
  • Our easy-to-use custom dashboarding capabilities 
July 13th from 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDTRegister
AppMon and DC RUM: Better TogetherJoin us for this live webinar on why Data Center Real User Monitoring (DC RUM) solution should be a critical part of your APM strategy.

July 20th, 2016 at 1pm ET/10am PT

Tuning your Dynatrace AppMon Installation We will talk about Best Practices in setting up your System Profiles, doing a proper sizing of your Dynatrace Deployment and talk about how to avoid the most common mistakes  TBD
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Recorded Webinars

Public Webinars (Live Q&A Performance Clinics) on YouTube

Watch recordings on our Dynatrace Live Demo and Q&As YouTube Channel

Customer Only recordings on APM University 

Recent Webinars

What’s Awesome in DC RUM 12.4Learn how this new major DC RUM release helps managing the services-oriented IT in a heterogenous environment of the modern data center, with constant focus on the only objective Key Performance Indicator: the real end user experience.Jan 27thRecording on APM University
What’s Awesome in the Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Fall Platform UpdateThe webinar key highlights include:

* The merger of Keynote and Dynatrace and what it means for you
* Our new innovative service, Digital Performance Insights, which delivers ongoing performance insights
* An exciting new scalable, on-demand global load testing platform that fits within your DevOps frameworks
* Our upcoming early access programs of two exciting new capabilities, web-based script recording and a unified UEM and Synthetic digital cockpit
* and many more bug fixes and enhancements


Recording on APM University
What's Awesome in Dynatrace 6.2.2

Dynatrace 6.2.2 comes with a handful of changes that will make your work with Dynatrace even more enjoyable: Enhanced Web Dashboarding based on Community Feedback, Automated Deployment Support via Chef/Puppet/Ansible and enhanced Node.js Monitoring capabilities to name a few.

Join this session to get an overview of Dynatrace 6.2.2 and afterwards ask any of your Dynatrace questions at the Live Q&A session

Sept 22ndRecording on APM University
Discontinuing support for Browser Agents and the future of browser diagnostics!

This webinar explains the technical reasons, why we were forced to discontinue support for our native Browser Agents and what are our plans to support browser diagnostics in the future with a new JavaScript approach (UEM).


July 29Recording on APM University
Dynatrace on Node.jsLearn how Dynatrace can be used to monitor applications developed with Node.jsJuly 29 
What's Awesome in Dynatrace 6.2 Webinar with Live Q&A

Dynatrace 6.2 is a game changer in many ways: APM for Everyone and Faster Than Ever with Dynatrace Web Dashboards powered by PureLytics, PurePath and PureStackv2. Confident Delivery with Automated Deployments, Regression Detection and Fact-based Feedback Loops along your Build Pipeline. Extend your view with new support for External API Service Calls. Monitor more Agents with less Dynatrace Hardware.

Join the Dynatrace Product Team to see these and many more improvements followed by a Live Q&A session

June 23Recording on APM University
Last Mile and Private Last Mile Synthetic Monitoring augmenting the DC RUM reports

In this webinar we will present the basics of the Private Last Mile and Last Mile reporting through the DC RUM introduced in the 12.3.3 service pack introduced. We will also discuss further extensions to those capabilities, which can be expected in upcoming releases.


June 9Recording on APM University
What's New in Dynatrace Synthetic?Learn about the new features in the March 2015 release of the Dynatrace Synthetic platform (formerly Gomez).March 25Recording on APM University
Test Automation with DynatraceLearn how to monitor your automated unit and integration tests with Dynatrace,
how to analyze performance metrics from these tests, and how to integrate Dynatrace in your CI environment
March 11Recording on APM University
What's New in Dynatrace 6.1Learn about the new exciting features in 6.1Dec 2nd

Recording on APM University

What's New in Dynatrace DC RUM 12.3Learn about the new exciting features in 12.3Dec 8th

Recording on APM University

Dynatrace Synthetics Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of Dynatrace Synthetic (formerly known as Gomez)

Dec 17Recording on APM University
First steps with UEMLearn more about Dynatrace User Experience ManagementJan 21stRecording on APM University
Getting started with Android (UEM)Learn more about performance monitoring of Android applicationsFeb 17thRecording on APM University

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