This topic describes the settings on the Agent Manager - Database tab and applies only to the Enterprise Synthetic database.

  • If the Enterprise Synthetic database was not created during installation, the fields on this tab are grayed out.

  • To connect to the Enterprise Synthetic database, you must have database administrator privileges.

  • The database settings on this tab only apply to the Enterprise Synthetic database, they do not apply to the CAS. Refer to the CAS documentation for more information.

Figure 1. Agent Manager Database Tab

Agent Manager Database tab

Connection Section


Type the name of the Agent Manager's database server.

Only NetBIOS or DNS names are supported for the SQL Server machine name. IP addresses are not supported.


Type the name of the Agent Manager's database and click Connect to complete or test the database connection. When the Database Login dialog box appears, select the type of authentication to use to access the database:

  • Windows Authentication – Type the Windows user name (proceeded with domain, if necessary) in the User name field and the password in the Password field.

  • SQL Server Authentication – Type the SQL server login and password for the SQL server.

Agent Manager update credentials

Select the credentials to use to import data into the Enterprise Synthetic database. These credentials are used for either a local Enterprise Synthetic database (one installed on the Agent Manager), or a remote database (located on a different machine than the Agent Manager).

Use SQL Server Authentication

Requires an SQL Server login with db_owner permission to the Enterprise Synthetic database.

Use Windows Authentication

Requires a Windows ID that is also a valid login to SQL Server with db_owner permission to the Enterprise Synthetic database. This must also be a valid Windows login on the Agent Manager.

Use Windows for Dynatrace Network Analyzer Database

By default, SQL Server authentication is used to connect to the Dynatrace Network Analyzer database. If Windows Authentication is selected for the Enterprise Synthetic database, enable this option to use the same Windows credentials for the Dynatrace Network Analyzer database.

Advanced Section

Configure the maintenance schedule for the Enterprise Synthetic database.

Click Enterprise Synthetic Database to change the database settings. The Database Setting dialog box appears. Specify the credentials to use during this session to access the database. The directions for logging in to the database are described in the Connection Section above.

Advanced Database Settings

In the Database Setting dialog box, configure the scheduled database maintenance.

Retain data for the following periods:

Agent status

Select the number of days to retain the Agent status data. By default, the Agent status data is retained for 28 days.

Performance details

Select Performance details and select the number of days. The default value is 30 days. If this option is not enabled, performance detail data is not retained.