Our goal is to provide product support assistance through the resources available in the Dynatrace Community. In addition to answering your questions in our forum, we also provide live Q&A sessions that we call Online Performance Clinics.

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Main Topics for

  • Interested in Dynatrace SaaS? Sign up for our Dynatrace SaaS Power Demos
  • May 10th: Leveling up your DevOps game with ChatOps, VoiceOps and virtual assistants
  • May 31st: What is in Dynatrace AppMon 2017 May
  • June 14th: Advanced Real User Monitoring: Agentless monitoring and SaaS vendor RUM with Dynatrace
  • June 21st: Power Web Dashboarding with Dynatrace AppMon
  • Backlog Ideas: Deployment Automation, Server Timeline Dashlet Explained, Mobile Native Monitoring, ...


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All Recordings available on our Dynatrace Live Q&A YouTube Channel as well as Dynatrace University (including slides)

What's New in Dynatrace AppMon 6.5 and AppMon 2017 May is available on APM University

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