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Ticket # SUPDT-37047

Type: dynaTrace

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CICS agent


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When the CICS agent is configured to trace application RMI calls to DB2, MQ, or DBCTL, these calls may appear to have an unexpected return address when viewed in an XRMIIN /XRMIOUT exit or a dump.
Application programmers may not be able to locate the correct return address in a dump or trace.
ISV products may be unable to collect DB2, MQ, or DBCTL data.

Clearly list the Steps to resolve the issue

When the R14 value at offset 12 in the application save area points to a location that is immediately preceded by the EBCDIC literal ‘DYN1’, the original application return address can be found at offset 32 of the same save area.

Note the underlying reason for the problem

When the CICS agent intercepts an RMI call, register 14 in the save area points to an instruction in getmained storage that is immediately preceded by the EBCDIC literal ‘DYN1’ instead of the return address to the application program.