-------------------------Internal Message-----------------------------------

In Classic Portal, those scripts can be deleted by creating a new Batch Order with them then delete the Batch Order.

But this is not working that way anymore with the new Tests page in New Portal.

Considering the change with our Products, and very few people run into such issue, this may not get fixed.

Please escalate to DBA team for now to have those scripts manually deleted.




I saw a few scripts displayed in Recorder listing as Last Mile or Private Last Mile scripts and with status as active. But under Tests page in portal, I didn't find any tests.

Those scripts were old and should be deleted. Can you show us how to delete?



When Last Mile or Private Last Mile Batch Order was created and then deleted, the scripts that were included in that Batch Order will be kept. 

And those scripts can be found under the create new batch order page.

  1. Go to Tests
  2. Go to Batch Order tab
  3. Click on Create Last Mile Batch Order or select Create Private Last Mile Batch Order from the drop down menu
  4. Change the Agent type to desired and you will see the scripts listed there

To delete those scripts, please contact Support team.