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  • Dynatrace Synthetic Monitoring Platform
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Q: Does Synthetic Monitoring calculate average response times with a geometric mean or a arithmetic mean?

A: Arithmetic mean.

Q: Does Synthetic Monitoring calculate an average of averages? For instance, do they calculate the response times for an hour, then average those hourly means to get the daily mean?

A: No. We add all the response times from successful tests for a given time period, then divide the sum by the number of successful tests.

Q: Are failed tests included in the response time average?

A: Failed tests have a response time of 0.0 seconds.

The response time of a failed test is not included in the average response time calculation.

A test with a zero response time is not included in the average calculation, which is an arithmetic mean of all tests given over the breakdown period specified:

    • If a data point occurs at every hour, the point will be the average of all tests in that hour.
    • If the chart is for the last day, the average will be (sum(every test with response time > 0)/(total number of tests with response time > 0)), and not an average of the data points.