overview of Dynatrace online performance clinics

Our goal is to provide product support assistance through the resources available in the Dynatrace Community. In addition to answering your questions in our forum, we also provide live Q&A sessions that we call Online Performance Clinics.

A more complete list of ALL WEBINARS we are hosting can be found on the Dynatrace Webinars page.

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Wed, Dec 19: 10AM (New York), 4PM (Berlin)Advanced Monitoring of AWS with Dynatrace
Tue, Jan 15: 10AM (New York), 4PM (Berlin)Advanced Monitoring of CloudFoundry with Dynatrace
Wed, Jan 23: 10AM (New York), 4PM (Berlin)Deployment Automation and Self-Healing with Dynatrace & Ansible
Date and Details: TBDUsing Request Attributes in Dynatrace
Date and Details: TBDGetting Started with Dynatrace Synthetic
more dates availableRegister for one of our Dynatrace Demos

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Can't watch YouTube - then watch our Dynatrace Fullstack Tutorials on our hosted Video Platform:

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And here we go with Dynatrace AppMon Tutorials on our hosted Video Platform

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If you have feedback, e.g.: better day of the week or better time during the day LET US KNOW.