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Get the most out of DC RUM

DC RUM 2017 May Service Pack 4 is now available. This is a maintenance release covering resolved issues for DC RUM 2017 May, SP1, SP2 and SP3 releases. All customers are encouraged to upgrade and take advantage of these improvements.

<a href="https://downloads.dynatrace.com/downloads/download.aspx?p=2&r=202"><p>Get 2017 May Service Pack 4</p></a>

What's updated

The following release versions are included in Dynatrace Data Center RUM 2017 May Service Pack 4 release:

See the Release Notes.

SSL handshake option

We have implemented a switch to turn off SSL handshake operations globally per AMD or individually per software service for the CAS or ADS.

Security updates

We did our best to make your DC RUM deployment as secure as possible. The Service Pack supports all the major third party security updates: 

Let our Support help you go through the migration process

Dynatrace Support will be happy to assist you during the migration process. Simply open a Migration ticket to give our Support team a heads up about your planned migration. Notification sent a week in advance would be just fine.

The DC RUM Migration Center gathers all important information about migration and upgrade processes. Check also release-to-release changes and differences for detailed information on new and modified DC RUM features.

Need more answers to your questions? DC RUM forum is your place to visit!