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The dynaTrace Plugin and Extension Infrastructure allows you to extend dynaTrace and integrate it with external tools. Start by downloading the available plugins and extensions from one of the following categories

IDE Integrations

Download your dynaTrace IDE Integrations for Eclipse and Visual Studio

Action Plugins

dynaTrace Action plugins to e.g.: send Alerts to external tools such as OpenView or SCOM

Monitoring plugins

dynaTrace Monitoring plugins to e.g.: extend monitoring capabilities to include Apache, BizTalk, SQLServer, ...

Web and Load-Test Plugins

Plugins and Extensions to integrate dynaTrace with tools such as SilkPerformer, JMeter, Visual Studio, Selenium, ...

Knowledge Sensor Packs

dynaTrace Sensor Packs to jump start analysis for common frameworks such as SharePoint, Hibernate, Spring, ...


Pre-Configured dashboards for different Use Case Scenarios, e.g.: Load-Testing or Monitoring

Libraries and Add-Ons

Additional libraries for dynaTrace Automation and Add-Ons to external tools such as .NET Reflector, ...