See also Visual Studio 2015 Extension.

This plugin only works if used with Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 Ultimate! If you're using another edition of Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013, please see Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 IDE Plugins.

dynaTrace provides plugins for Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013 to enable Automatic Code Lookups from the dynaTrace Client, Automatic Agent injection when launching an application from the IDE, Integration to the Visual Studio Load Testing Feature.

Plugin Details

Plug-In Versions

Visual Studio 2010 Plugin (dynaTrace 5.x, 6.x)

Visual Studio 2012 Plugin (dynaTrace 5.x, 6.x)

Visual Studio 2013 Plugin (dynaTrace 5.x, 6.x)


Dynatrace Software


Dynatrace BSD


Community Supported

Known Problems

KB-424 Visual Studio Plugin will not work
KB-462 Visual Studio shows error number 80131515 on startup

Release History

2010-04-14 Initial Release

Release History

2010-11-02 Release for dynaTrace 3.5

Plugin Content

Additional Documentation

Visual Studio Plugin


All you need to do is to

  1. extract the files of the dynaTrace Plugin depending on your dynaTrace version to your My Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Addins directory. If the Addins directory does not exist, create it.
  2. Make sure that the downloaded files do not have the "blocked" file attribute under Windows 7. Change that to unblocked
  3. If running Windows XP, after unpacking the files, it might be necessary to change the file protection to RW.  If VS starts with an error related to this plugin, then the protection isn't set generously enough, or the 'blocked' flag is likely set if on Windows 7.
  4. Now start Visual Studio as Administrator - this is required as the dynaTrace plugin requires access to the registry.  (if on Windows XP, simply set all the plugin files to be RW for all users)
  5. The dynaTrace Visual Studio 2010 Plugin can be enabled through Tools-> Add-In Manager in Visual Studio.
  6. You need to have installed the dynaTrace .NET agent for launcher to work!!

Note: If VS displays an error when starting and disables the plugin, go back to the steps above and verify the file protection issues listed above.

Once the Add-In is loaded you will see two new menu entries in the Tools menu. One is to configure the dynaTrace Plugin (dynaTrace Configuration), the other one is to Launch the currently opened project by automatically injecting the dynaTrace .NET Agent into the launched application (dynaTrace Launcher).

What the plugin provides

This plugin allows you to Lookup Source Code for a method traced by dynaTrace. From the dynaTrace Client you can select a method in the Methods or PurePath Dashlet and Lookup the method in Visual Studio. Please be aware that the code lookup only works for C# Source Code.

The plugin also allows you to launch an application from the IDE and automatically inject the dynaTrace Agent to trace the launched application.

The plugin also extends the Visual Studio Load Testing Feature with a new tab in the Web Test Result Viewer. When you test a web application and the requests made by Visual Studio return PurePath IDs (by using the Web Test Plugin or by specifying "Always send dynaTrace HTTP Headers" in the ASP.NET Sensor) then you can directly lookup a PurePath from the Result Viewer in Visual Studio

Additional Online Documentation: CodeLink AddIn for Visual Studio


Web and Load Test Plugin



  1. dynaTrace Client installed on local machine
  2. Configuration on the dynaTrace Client (connected server / profiles) already done

Here are the steps to install this plugin:

  1. Download and copy / unzip the dynaTrace Web Test Plugin for Visual Studio 2010 Load Testing depending on your dynaTrace version into your Load Testing Project.
  2. Make sure that the downloaded files do not have the "blocked" file attribute under Windows 7. Change that to unblocked
  3. In your project add a reference to copied / unzipped DLL(s).

In a Web Test Definition

In a Load Test Definition

What the plugin provides

The Web Test Plugin will automatically tag Web Requests with the dynaTrace HTTP Header.
The Load Test Plugin will automatically Start/Stop Session Recording during a load test.