Check out the latest product update. Upgrade to 3.5.2 or install the May Update to take advantage of the latest improvements

dynaTrace announces two updates:

  • dynaTrace 3.5.2 with enhanced Browser Diagnostics and Test Automation Support
  • dynaTrace 3.5.1 May Update with important updates in different areas (updates are also included in 3.5.2)

We encourage every dynaTrace user to either update the existing 3.5.1 installation or upgrade to 3.5.2 to take advantage of the important updates.

dynaTrace 3.5.2 - Premium Browser and Test Automation

dynaTrace 3.5.2 comes with a Browser Agent for Firefox. With that you are now able to analyze web performance in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. The diagnostics and improved comparison features make it easy to spot regressions across builds and differences between browsers. For more on these premium features read the Premium Browser Extension Blog

More on dynaTrace 3.5.2:

dynaTrace 3.5.1 May Update (also included in dynaTrace 3.5.2)

The May 2011 Update - compatible with dynaTrace- (GA) and later builds - is available for download:

This update includes several important updates. Here are a few:

  • Values for split Business Transactions or Measures are not adding up to total value on Servers that are executed on multi core hardware with more than 2 cores
  • Problems to reconnect all Agents successfully if a high number (>100) Agents are restarted simultaneously
  • Under very high load watchdog occasionally restarts Server
  • Sporadic dynaTrace Server restarts if session storage quota is exceeded
  • Failure to connect to Oracle 11g database
  • PurePaths can timeout due to runtime suspension / gc runs
  • .NET HTTP Sessions not shown in memory dump
  • Client update mechanism for multiple clients at the same time potentially fails

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