PLEASE REFER TO Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013 IDE Plugins for the latest versions of Dynatrace Plugins for Visual Studio


CodeLink AddIn For Microsoft Visual Studio


The CodeLink AddIn provides a comfortable way to perform look-ups of sources files and methods from applications under diagnosis.





Supported dynaTrace Versions

2.6 and 3.0

Supported Visual Studio Versions

2003, 2005 and 2008


Download CodeLink Add-In For Microsoft Visual Studio

CodeLink AddIn for Visual Studio


To further simplify problem resolution, dynaTrace Diagnostics directly integrates with Microsoft Visual Studio through its CodeLink plug-in. Once dynaTrace Diagnostics has identified a certain source code fragment as the root cause of a particular problem, developers can jump directly from the dynaTrace Diagnostics Client to the exact location within their Visual Studio development environment where they need to apply the necessary changes. This saves the time and hassle required to switch between dynaTrace and Microsoft Visual Studio then locating the right classes and methods within the source code by replacing it with a single click.

Install Guide

  1. Download .msi Package.
  2. Shut down all running instances of Visual Studio.
  3. Start the dynatrace<version>-codelink-addin-vs.msi installer.

  4. Choose the installation type that fits your needs and install.

Start Visual Studio. The CodeLink AddIn is now available in the Tools menu.

Configuration (Optional)

By default, neither in Visual Studio, nor in the any configuration is required. Nonetheless it is possible to further refine settings.

The Preferences Panel (File → Preferences → IDE Integration) allows specifying the IDE integration server port to which plugins/add-ins try to connect.

Figure: IDE Integration Settings

dynaTrace Diagnostics CodeLink AddIn

The Visual Studio preferences dialog for the CodeLink AddIn is located in Tools → CodeLink

The following settings can be changed:

Figure: dynaTrace Diagnostics CodeLink Preferences

By default look-up operations will be performed on all opened .NET solutions within the current Visual Studio project.


Using the Visual Studio AddIn is quite simple. Within open a (online/offline/realtime) View where .NET methods are present. Right click on a Method → Source Lookup → Open in Visual Studio

Figure: CodeLink - interaction

In case multiple IDEs are connected to the via the CodeLink AddIn a selection dialog allows further refining the lookup.

Figure: Diagnostics Client - multiple connected CodeLink AddIns

Old Versions




CodeLink Version 2.6.2