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h1. dynaLearn Webinars

dynaTrace will host webinars on different topics presented by members of the Center of Excellence as well as Engineers from the R&D Lab in Linz, Austria. Check out the upcoming Webinars. You can register to watch them live or view them offline once we make them available on dynaLearn.

*Interested in a specific topic?* Post a comment to this page or send an email to [apmcommunity@compuware.com|mailto:apmcommunity@compuware.com]

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{tr}{td}Host and Process Monitoring in dynaTrace 4.2{td}
{td}In this webinar you will learn how we gather host performance measures in dynaTrace 4.2, where to access it and when to use the new Host Agent.{td}
{td}August 22\\3pm (GMT)\\10am (EDT){td}{td}[Register here|https://dynatraceevents.webex.com/dynatraceevents/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=668821049]{td}{tr}


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h2. Past Webinars{anchor:pastWebinars}

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{tr}{td}First Steps with dynaTrace{td}{td}* Getting dynaTrace Installed
* Installation Troubleshooting
* Configuring your System Profile
* First Analysis Steps
* Overview of Dashlets
* Create your own Dashboard{td}{td}Nov 3{td}{td}
[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - First Steps with dynaTrace - November 3, 2011]
{tr}{td}dynaTrace in .NET Environments{td}
{td}* Install and Config of .NET Agents
* Analyzing ASP.NET Applications
* Analyzing WPF/WinForm Applications{td}{td}Nov 17{td}{td}
[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - dynaTrace in .NET Environments - November 17, 2011]
{tr}{td}dynaTrace in Pre-Production{td}
{td}* Core Diagnostics Use Cases
* dynaTrace in Load Testing
{td}{td}Dec 1{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - dynaTrace in Pre-Production - December 1, 2011]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}dynaLive: dynaTrace in Production{td}{td}On our dynaTrace production system, we show
* Business Transaction Management
* Root Cause Analysis
* User Experience Management
* Availability Monitoring{td}
{td}Dec 14{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - dynaLive dynaTrace in Production - December 14, 2011]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}First Steps with dynaTrace UEM{td}
{td}* Installing Web Server Agents
* Configuring Applications
* Analyzing Visits and Page Actions{td}{td}Jan 12{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - First Steps with dynaTrace UEM - January 12, 2012]{td}{tr}
The Benefits of dynaTrace 4{td}

* What's new in dynaTrace 4
* A live demo of dynaTrace 4 and how it will change your day with zero configuration
* How the deepest diagnostics have gotten even better...for free\!
* Current customers that have already migratedand what they've been able to do with dynaTrace 4
* How easy migrating is; you can do it on your own or with our help
{td}{td}Jan 26{td}{td}[watch here|LEARN:dynaLearn Webinar - The Benefits of dynaTrace 4]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Business Transaction Management{td}
{td}* What are Business Transactions exactly and how do they work?
* How to use use out-of-the-box Business Transactions
* How to create your own Business Transactions
* How to create dashboards based on your Business Transactions
{td}{td}Feb 2{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Business Transaction Management - February 2, 2012]{td}{tr}

{tr}{td}Memory and Thread Diagnostics{td}
{td}* dynaTrace Memory Diagnostics Process
* Analyzing Memory Dumps
* Why and How to define Memory Sensor Rules
{td}{td}Feb 15{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Memory and Thread Diagnostics - February 15, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Measures & Monitors{td}
{td}* Overview of Measures and Monitors
* How to setup Windows/Linux/... Monitors
* How to create Real Life Dashboards
{td}{td}Feb 29{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Measures and Monitors - February 29, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Browser Diagnostics{td}
{td}* Setting up a System Profile for Browser Diagnostics
* Recording a Web site
* Analyzing Page Load Time, Rendering, JavaScript
* Analyzing Server-Side activity
{td}{td}Mar 14{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Browser Diagnostics - March 14, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Automating dynaTrace{td}
{td}* Automate dynaTrace through REST
* Extract data from dynaTrace Sessions
{td}{td}Mar 28{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Automating dynaTrace - March 28, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Extending dynaTrace{td}
{td}* Overview of Plugin Development in dynaTrace
* How to create your own Monitor, Task and Action Plugin
* How to share your Plugins with others
{td}{td}Apr 11{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Extending dynaTrace - April 11, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Business Transaction Best Practices{td}
{td}* How to filter, calculate and split results in Business Transactions 
* How to get data from method parameters and Servlet/ASP.NET properties such as parameters or session attributes{td}
{td}April 26{td}
{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Business Transactions Best Practices - April 26, 2012]{td}
{tr}{td}UEM Tips and Tricks{td}
{td}* UEM FAQ: What is a page action? What is the difference between Page Action and Page View? Does UEM work with ext.js, GWT or any other JavaScript Lib?
* ...and many more! Got a question on UEM? Drop us a line at [mailto:community@dynatrace.com]!
{td}May 9{td}
{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - UEM Tips and Tricks - May 9, 2012]{td}
{tr}{td}Basic dynaTrace Troubleshooting Steps{td}
{td}* Verify Agents are correctly set-up and collecting data
* Verify System Profile is correctly configured
* Verify dynaTrace is correctly deployed
{td}May 24{td}
{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Basic dynaTrace Troubleshooting - May 24, 2012]{td}
{tr}{td}Fancy Dashboards in dynaTrace{td}
{td}* How to awe your users with branded dashboards
* Advanced tricks on the chart dashlet
* An introduction to lesser known dashlets
{td}June 13{td}
{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Fancy dashboards in dynaTrace - June 13, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Advanced Business Transactions{td}{td}* Learn the differences between business transactions based on server-side PurePaths, Page Actions, and Visits
* When to use which type of business transaction
* Example transactions{td}{td}June 27{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Advanced Business Transactions - June 27, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Fine-tuning dynaTrace{td}{td}* Optimizing sensor configurations
* Optimizing dynaTrace deployment
* Tuning your Business Transactions
* Monitoring deployment health{td}{td}July 11{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Fine-tuning dynaTrace - July 11, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Smart Monitoring Made Easy to dynaTrace 4.2{td}{td}We will introduce our new workflow-driven user interface with our new Application Overview dashboard, explain reliable alerts with self-learning baselining, and show zero-configuration system monitoring.{td}{td}July 25{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Smart Monitoring Made Easy with dynaTrace 4.2 - July 25, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Load Testing Made Easy with dynaTrace 4.2{td}{td}Learn how to quickly identify problems in your load test environment.
* New integration options with load testing tools
* Introducing our new load testing dashboard
* Overview of Gomez 360° Web Load Testing integration
{td}{td}August 1{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Load Testing Made Easy with dynaTrace 4.2 - August 1, 2012]{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}Smart Baselining with dynaTrace 4.2{td}{td}In this webinar, we explain how you can benefit from smart baselining in dynaTrace 4.2. You'll learn about the new smart splitting options for business transactions and how to use these business transactions for smart baselining in the new Application Overview dashboard.
{td}{td}August 8{td}{td}[watch here|dynaLearn Webinar - Smart Baselining with dynaTrace 4.2 - August 8, 2012]{td}{tr}


{tr}{th:class=confluenceTh}Other Resources{th}{tr}
{tr}{td}*[Online Documentation|DOCDT40:dynaTrace 4 Documentation]*{td}{tr}
{tr}{td}[TRAIN:dynaTrace Training Courses]
{tr}{td}[TRAIN:Classroom Course Schedule]