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Alerting not available for all hadoop and yarn metrics



I have noticed that we do not have all the alerts for HDFS, YARN and MapReduce metrics monitored by Dynatrace. We could create custom alerts only for few metrics.

For MapReduce I could not see a single custom alerts. Please correct me If this is not the case or guide me where I can configure the alerts.

I can only alert on 6 metrics of DataNode from the list provided in the following blog we can see all these metrics monitored in our environment.

Could someone help me here



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper


First I would check if all metrics that you want to configure custom alert for are present on at least one of your processes that Dynatrace OneAgent monitors. If those metrics haven't been collected, they will not appear in anomaly detection configuration form.

One possibility is that One Agent doesn't have full visibility on your processes, and that is the case when that process has been started before Dynatrace OneAgent. Then agent will not collect all the metrics.

In this case simple restart would help.

Hi Sebastian,

Yes, there are some metrics which are not collected but Majority of metrics are collecting data.

For example all metric of MapReduce collecting data but there is no single custom alert seen.

We restarted the processes, still no alerts available.