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Baseline and alerting for request attributes

DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

Hi all,


we have a service which receives all requests in this context: /Comercial/ServletDatos, in order to distinguish the different operations we've defined one request attribute for the operation name (CF-ServletDatos-Ventana-Metodo):




The question is: The baselines and the alerting work at the request attribute value or are general to /Comercial/ServletDatos?


Regards, Josep Maria


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Hi Josep,


I'd advise an extra step here and that's a web request naming rule. So you take the existing web request (CF-ServletDatos-Ventana-Metodo) and rename (split) it by adding the values of the request attribute. This will give you what you need - one baseline per RA value.




  • emitirOrdenesInspeccion - CF-ServletDatos-Ventana-Metodo
  • enviarDuplicadoEmail - CF-ServletDatos-Ventana-Metodo
  • ...

Of course, you could remove the original URL altogether if you want and just use the split to completely rename the web request. Whatever works for you.


Finally, if you want to do this globally (for the whole tenant) you can use Monaco with the request-naming-service configuration type.