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Create alert on "Reported Error" metrics of mobile application for whole application rather than just Key user action



I can see "reported error" metrics of mobile app is currently alerted on key user action only and it make sense when you already know the user action those trigger the error.

What if this is dynamic and we don't know when error is going to triggered and for which user actions. In that case, it would help to alert on reported error count on whole application. Also, there is limitation of key user action and we can't make all actions as key user action.

We have this scenario in our application and I am finding it difficult to alert on the reported error.

Please let me know your view on this.




DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

About key user actions limit. If you see situation when your actions looks like this:

"loading of page /myurl/some-variable-id-etc/rest-of-my-url you can create naming rules which will change dynamic parts into static ones. This will allow you to bind all user actions which basically from monitoring perspective are the same with different parameters into one. In such case you will limit number of user actions and you will be able to mark them as key user actions.

In general alerts in dynatrace are working based on metrics. Key user actions are measured and those measurement are stored in Casandra databse. This is how dynatrace is able to rise alerts. For rest of application there are some general metrics which are not detailed as much. But dynatrace should alert if you will have too much failed user actions even if they are not marked as key ones. Be sure that errors are part of APDEX calculation for your application.


Hi Sebastian,

User action detection has no issue, we are not capturing any dynamic values as part of user actions. Error are sent to DT from by calling report error api from native SDK of mobile app. We have lot of customer journeys and steps. If an error occurred on step 2 of Journey A, then the custom error will attached to step 2 user actions. We have more than 100 steps for different journey.

So I was saying that triggering of error is dynamic. It can occur on any journey step. Therefore, we should have a capability to alert on these custom reported error at application level.



Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Does the anomaly detection for errors not cover this problem?