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Detecting XHR events (grouping events problem)


Hi all,

We have an xhr event that is grouping several events of the same type inside and that should not be so. I put an example below for your better understanding.

The event "controls" is a button that, at user experience level, lasts about 2 seconds to finish but it takes more than 14s from DT view. Looking at waterfall analysis we can see that several xhr events are triggered inside it that should be out. Is there any way to ungroup those events and extract them from "controles" xhr event?

What we have now is this:

- xhr "controls" (button)

- >xhr "controls" (2s) (inside)

- >xhr "budget" (3s) (inside)

- >xhr "print" (10s) (inside)

And what we want is to extract them from the button group, like this:

- xhr "controls" (button)

->xhr "controls

- xhr "budget (outside)

- xhr "print (outside)

When we do a real navigation and capture the traffic with a developer tool we can see that the events appear ungrouped. We can't understand why DT groups them together.

Cheers and thanks in advance



DynaMight Guru
DynaMight Guru

@Roberto D. were you able to make any progress with this? i was looking around and didn't find a setting that would resolve your issue.


Nothing yet. It seems that the "print" event is triggered asynchronously so the user does not experience that rise in response times. The 3 XHR events are fired in chain, so they are linked. That means that this kind of events cannot be ungrouped.

At the end we have decided for a code level update to fix it.