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Dynatrace email alerting when a specific event is not triggered in browser monitor


Currently I have a requirement to send an email alert to the recipients when a specific event is not triggered.

I tried the below option under anomaly detection category.

But this is not sending an alert when the event is not triggered. Looks like when the event is not triggered no values are recorded here.


DynaMight Pro
DynaMight Pro

Are you checking successful event number for all your monitors or do you have filtered just some ? in my lab i can see zero values of this metric if monitor fails

Iam checking for a specific event in my monitor.

Strange, have you tried what happens when you change Successful events to Error events ?

Can you please confirm if a specific event in skipped in Dynatrace Browser Monitor then how we can send an alert.

Does the skip of an event treated as success or failure. Please confirm.


ok, it seems that if click is not possible, there is no instance for "click on skip" and also no value for successful events of this instance.. i have never played with this, so you will need to play with it a little.

what is state of whole monitor when there is no "skip" item to click ?

have you tried to validate content and check for clickable "skip" item ?

Currently we have a logic in Synthetic Monitor

where we hit a home page of application and perform an action. In case of any maintenance then no downstream action is performed. Now we are trying to send an alert every time this downstream action is not triggered.