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Dynatrace v1.134.95 - REST API to configure Custom Anomaly detection rules



We are at dynatrace managed ver 1.134.95 and having a multi tenant setup within our cluster . The challenge that what we are facing is anomaly detection rules configured for 1 tenant settings cannot be reused for other tenant id unless we go and manually update the same rules for other tenant. So having said I have below 2 scenarios wondering if there is any rest API to automate the same

scenario 1 : Are there any REST API to export the anomaly detection rules from 1 tenant id and configure the same rules for other tenant id within the same dynatrace cluster?

scenario 2 : In the Future as part of new cluster deployment we wanted to have an ability to use REST API to upload the Anomaly rules for any tenant id as part of cluster provisioning , wondering if there is a way to backup these rules as json file and rest api to create the tenant id first and second upload these .json(Anomaly) along with parameterized tenant id


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader


Right now there is a REST interface for custom threshold settings but this does not include the baselining settings.

We are working on a config API that will expose all the global configurations along with the threshold settings through REST API. This API will solve your use-case.

So that's already on the way.

Thank you. Could you give more details (endpoint) of the REST API which you mentioned its available right now that something we can use it for custom threshold settings within our alerting rules

Do we have any examples how we can configure thru rest api anomaly detection for services.


Hi @Wolfgang B. , Do you have any examples to update anomaly detection for services thru rest api.

Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

This config API is currently under development and will be available as EAP in 4 weeks.


Hi Wolfgang,

We have global anomaly detection settings, how can I switch off and have custom anomaly detection settings using REST API for specific application? Please let me know if there is any.

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