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Email sending failed by SMTP Server post updated to v1.160


The issue is now fixed in incremental update v 1.160.135 released yesterday.

Issue observed in v1.160.**

Fixed in v1.160.135

Hi Folks,

We are facing SMTP server email sending failed issue post updating our managed deployment to v1.160 previously it was working fine. No changes were made in the settings since last 3 months, I am clueless how to troubleshoot the issue.


1) Port is opened from the cluster node (checked)

2) We are able to send a test email directly using the telnet client from the server itself

Any help to troubleshoot this will be appreciated



DynaMight Legend
DynaMight Legend

Anything valuable in the server debug log?

Look for lines with MailSenderImpl in the debug log. There will be the reason of the failure.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Hi Július,

As instructed I have analyzed all the debug logs available in the cluster node but no entry found with MailSenderImpl.

Logs analyzed

Server_Debug.0.0, nodekeeper_Debug.0.0, Server_Debug.0.1, audit.debugui.0.0, Server_Debug.0.2

Try again the test. It works in my environment. As long as I (badly) configured the SMTP port/address/... the line with MailSenderImpl (and with the reason) appeared in the Server_Debug.0.0 logfile.

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Found the following error in the Server_Debug0.0 log file

It looks like your sender email has been disabled on Mail Server somehow.

Regards, Sebastian

But I am able to send/receive emails using Outlook client and WebMail Portal

On outlook client you are not using any encryption as well?

Regards, Sebastian

Right, I am not using any encryption on Outlook client. meanwhile, we are checking with SMTP team for the exception we are getting in the logs.

If all credentials are correct, this means thet adding setFrom parameters on JavaMailSender doesn't work somehow... This is Sender email address field in form. What you can try is to put there different email, make test, and put right one again. Stupid but maybe this will store proper value... If not open support ticket.


Regards, Sebastian

I have already done this with 5 different working email accounts none of the accounts is working. I can confirm that all the provided credentials are correct.

I'd recommend to check the authentication from command line. Some example here (exact login mechanism depends on your SMTP gateway)

Certified Dynatrace Master | Alanata a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

I am raising a support ticket as I have confirmed that no changes have been made at the SMTP server and the Email support team tested using command line by sending email from telnet, they are saying that there is some problem with Dynatrcae as they are able to send emails from every possible channel (Outlook, portal etc) available without any extra effort

Update this question when you will have resolution 🙂 It may be helpful in the future.


Regards, Sebastian


Hi All,

The support team has acknowledged the issue and they are aware of the email sending issue after the 1.160 update. They are currently building a fix to address the issue. They will release the fix update as soon as it becomes available.

The issue is now resolved in incremental update v 1.160.135 released yesterday.


It is me here also with related

Dynatarce managed fails to sent email to over 587 STARTTLS required

2019-02-06 12:03:18 UTC WARNING [<default,0x1,node0zedvf-internal,tab-qSGZ9suoq5it>] [MailSenderImpl] Could not send mail to *********** NotificationResult [retryRecommended=true, message=Failed to send SMTP email using sender address: <*******>, reason: EmailException: Sending the email to the following server failed : | SMTPSendFailedException: 530-5.5.1 Authentication Required. Learn more at
530 5.5.1 w12sm4310319lfe.80 - gsmtp
, exception=EmailException: Sending the email to the following server failed :, deliveryStatus=UNEXPECTED_ERROR, response=null, uri=null, suppressed=[]]

username and password are absolutely correct!

Is is the same problem?

My problem turned into restrictions

Solved it by enabling access to applications at account security setting page

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