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How do I provide training feedback to Davis?


I've got several daily jobs that throw problems. I'd like to be able to tell Davis 'Yes, I expect these conditions on this schedule, don't flag them as problems'. Is there any way to help the Machine Learning in these sorts of situations?



I don't think this is possible because to make such things, dynatrace should have proper api endpoint to decide about marking something as problem or not.



Could you give some examples? Some things may be helped with adjusting the thresholds or defining maintenance windows.

I've got processes that will spike CPU, or elevate garbage collection time from 07:00 am - 07:05 am. I don't want to put in a maintenance window for that, there's not enough granularity there. I can't make a 'garbage collection maintenance window' specific only the CG anomaly detection.

Eventually Davis will start calling this a 'frequent issue' and stop creating problems. I just want to give it a nudge and teach it about frequent issues rather than waiting for it to learn that on its own.