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How to add Host Name to email subject or email body using Dynatrace default email plugin


We have created custom High GC time alerts for specific process, while sending alerts this is not showing any host name to the specific process. But our client wants Host name also for High GC time alerts. We couldn't found any placeholders for Host name in default email plugin. Is there any way to achieve this, please respond as soon as possible.



Unfortunately, this does seem to be possible right now using the default email plugin. A good idea for improvement by adding additional placeholders and being able to specify email body as well.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Right now - if this is a matter of time - I would recommend to use the webhook integration in Dynatrace and writing a simple rest webservice that would accept the JSON payload and send emails (if you are running on premise) or using a cloud based rest to email service.

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

Thanks for your quick response. Can you please share Rest webservice and JSON file as i am new to dynatrace. i don't have much knowledge about writing a JSON file.

Plz respond any one

Are you on Dynatrace SaaS or Dynatrace Managed (on premise)?

TEMPEST a.s., Slovakia, Dynatrace Master Partner

We are using Dynatrace SaaS in our premises.


@Hari G. Dynatrace did a great use case on how to put in a solution to this question.

More Effective AI to Human Interactions with Dynatrace DAVIS at NYCM

keep in mind, this use case is a tad different compiared to what you are asking, but the method of renaming things to provide a better understanding of the issues is still a viable solution.

Let me know if you need any other assistance!


Thanks for your response, it will be useful, but again we are getting one issue. While adding custom process group name rules, one process group will available in multiple hosts. Because of that we are getting multiple host names, then will get confusion, which host is throwing an problem. Can you tell me how can we differentiate this process group with specific hosts.

@Hari G., So we do have a solution for that. What you can so it set the names dynamically. If you are in the process or service level setting the new name, you can define the inclusion of the host name dynamically. Without understanding your environment (VMware Hosts, Azure, AWS, Etc..) it will be hard to give you the correct parameters but this is the method we would use:

From the Image you can see that I have statically put in "Process:" and "on" within the naming convention. Everything in the {Braces} are dynamic and will display the information appropriately. For Example, Lets say we have 4 Hosts that run Wordpress, all in the same process group. Problem tickets will reflect: Failure rate increase on " Process: WordPress on Host 1"

This will allow staff to see the core data without having to dig deeper and deeper.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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Hi Chad,

In our scenario, we configured custom alerts for High GC time. For that we are getting two host names for One Process group. we configured emails through default email plugin, then we are getting email with two host names. Then we are getting confusion, which host is throwing this error.we wants more specific like One process group name with one host name not too many. please help on this.

Hi Chad,

Could you please respond as soon as possible.


I have been trying to create the same thing in my environment to reflect the issue that you are having but each time we get an alert that pin points the exact server and group. Without having access to your tenant and checking the alert profiles and integration its going to almost be impossible to determine where the issue is. I would recommend starting a Chat with Dynatrace Support on this as they will be able to access the tenant with you.