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How to apply different Alerting Profiles to different mount points of the same system?

Frequent Guest

We have quite a few use cases where application owners are responsible for their own mount point on Linux systems. We want to be able to trigger a different alerting profile for this mount point. 

There is no way to tag a mount point, nor to title a filter, because the "low disk space" is considered a Resource alert, and title/description filters frustratingly only affect Custom alerts.


Has anyone else run into this use case and solved it?  It is getting exhausting having my team paged simply to have to contact another team.


Frequent Guest

The response I got from a support chat is:

"At this point, given the research we've done it seems like your intended use case is simply a product limitation at this time"

Really hoping that there is a work around here that I'm not thinking of. It is a real step backwards to our alerting with this limitation.

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