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Is there a way we can ignore disks from an ESXi host?


We currently have some disks on an ESXi host that complains about low disk space and slow disk (it is an older iSCSI drive that is static in drive space but breaches the 1% disk space available threshold. On hosts that have the OneAgent, we are able to disable monitoring of particular disks/mounts. But since this is ESXi information coming from VCenter. There doesn't seem to be a way to disable it within the Anomoly settings.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

Unfortunately, that's not possible right now but I will take that with me for future improvement! Thanks for the hint.

Wolfgang. We have similar issues. The two cases are 1) swap disks, which we run at full usage. They alert as full, but they are supposed to be full. The other 2) is the SATA offline backup arrays. The main disks scream. But the SATA plunk along continuously all day, but they are constantly in alert status for IOPS and speed. It just generate a lot of Red Marker "noise" and has to be addresses in every trouble shooting engagement.