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Log monitoring for active gate synthetic log



How can we monitor active gate logs?



Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

Can you be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish exactly? My initial response based on my interpretation of your question would be to suggest deploying a OneAgent on the Environment ActiveGate you have configured for Internal Synthetics.

Hi Dave,

We have a requirement where customer expecting some more details under problem notification in case of failure of HTTP monitor.

HTTP monitor has post execution script with some conditions. The fail condition added in if else should populate under problem notification. More details are posted in question. Please find the link here.

I have installed oneagent on the active gate machine and configured synthetic log file via "Configure more logs" section. Now I wanted to know, how we can use these logs to get alerts/problem notification along with desired content?



You can do this by going to the settings>Log Monitoring>Events. From there you can configure the rules for events and you can set them to initiate alerts within the UI just like you have seen for anomalies on servers.


Hi Clad,

Defined one event like below but nothing is showing up in Pattern Occurrence graph.

Any clue why it is happening.


oh sweet, it looks like you've got it all set up. Now you just have to wait for the issue to arise and the occurrence will be shown in the graph and or by an alert depending on how you have it set up. That looks great so far! Has the event happened since you set the log detection rule?

No..that is the dilemma now..I have made HTTP monitor fail forcefully. But still No event appearing on graph.

can you verify in the Activegate log you are monitoring that the string is present with that forced fail, and that the string matches what you put into the log detection rule?


Yes I checked it..String is absolutely present in the logs.Please see the attached sreenshot.

thats good. .and that log file is showing up in Dynatrace on the respected host via the oneagent correct?


I would also recommend matching the Syntax, just to be sure that its not case sensitive.


Yes. Log file is showing up. Please check the attached screenshot.

In fact, in current setting it (down word) is in uppercase only still no desired result.

can you set it to the other log file just to see if it captures anything as the log file you send is "Synthetic.0.0.log"


Good News. It's started working. But problem notification don't have desired information like "Service1 is DOWN". 😞

Attaching a screenshot of problem notification.


well that's progress! I would tinker around with the settings as it relates to how the log events are raised and see if you can manipulate it the way you want it. otherwise we might need to put in a Request for Feature to allow you to customize the alert data inside the problem card.

If you integrate the Dynatrace Mobile app, you will be able to click into the alert and see what data is inside it as well as leave comments on it.

Also maybe if you rename the log event to s naming convention like "Application_Message" so I would stick with a naming convention that would display "EasyTravel Service 1 Down" and that would show up on the problem card.


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hey @Akshay S. - unfortunately right now you can not pass text pattern used in event creation to problem notification. For metrics based on log text occurrence it's also not possible.