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MQ Extension Alerts


Hello Dynatracers!


I am using MQ extension to monitor IBM MQ statistics, such as queue depth. I've set a certain threshold of queue depth for all the monitored queues and when Dynatrace sends email alert, the message contains only queue manager name. Pretty basic, not having the queue name itself and the queue depth value etc.


OPEN Problem P-21072: EAI_Qdepth on Custom Device IBM MQ - EAI - xxxQMB02:Dynatrace Problem Notification CUSTOM_ALERT EAI_Qdepth


Any better suggestion to have more detailed notification? Knowing the violating queue and queue depth from the notification would be helpful.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

These should be coming from custom events for alerting, the title needs to be static but in the message section you can specify the more detailed information that will be included in alerts and on the details in the problem views. Using curly brackets you can include things like whatever dimensions are available, by just typing the opening bracket it will give you the available options. You can use this to make the message more details/useful:



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