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Management zones: Alerting + technology view



My customer asked a couple of questions related to management zones:

- Is it possible to have alerts specific to managed zone? I believe the answer is no, but I would like to know if its in the roadmap. I can explain my customer's the use case if needed. So far I suggested if Host Groups (beta) would address their needs.

- In the technology view we only see the process group that belongs to the selected Management Zone, but when clicking one the Instance count includes processes outside of the zone. Is this expected behavior? If so, what's the reason behind it?

Thank you for your time


Silvia Moreno



Which version are you running? There were multiple issues with managed zones in 138 and 140.

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Dynatrace Pro
Dynatrace Pro

Hi Silvia,

- Would alerting profiles work? Their scope can be set to the same as a MZ.

- AFAIK only process groups can be added to a MZ, not individual processes (like with tags). So in that case, I am not entirely sure about what is meant with "the process group contains processes outside of the zone". Can you please elaborate a bit on that?



Hi! I am running 138.

- Alerting profiles would help but not 100%. In this particular case they want to alert if the number of processes in a deployment falls below a threshold, but ignore processes from another deployment for this count. As you are saying, if only process groups are added to MZ, then having 2 host groups would help, as we would have 2 process groups (one per MZ) with different settings.

- Yes, I did not realized that, you are right. I will clarify it with the customer, thank you very much!




Update: Hosts groups are not an option, because they do not want to set them on installation time. @Kristof R. can you think of any other way to implement this use case? Get alerted for some processes in a process group but not for others. Of course in the meantime I will try to talk them into using host groups. Thanks!