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No Custom Alert (metric) for Process Group (in managed Dynatrace)


Dear DT experts

In managed dynatrace for hosts, i am unable to set customer alert for high RAM usage with respective to the "Process Groups"

Attached screen shot.

In the screen shot you can see, that i am unable to select Memory/RAM, infact no metrics are being populated. Especially for Process Group.

Thank You.,


Regards, Siraj.



Hi Siraj,

Unfortunately RAM usage for a process/ProcessGroup is not a metric available for custom alerts at this time. For the issue of not seeing any metrics at all, this seems to be a bug. A quick workaround is to select "Process" instead of Process Group, you will see a drop down below asking to "select a process group". Select "All instances", you should then see a list of metrics available for custom alerting and they will apply to all processes in the Process Group. You can create a support ticket for the bug also.

Hope this Helps


Hello NJ,

Thank You for your response.

But, the RAM/Memory usage metric is not available with this work around. 😞

BR, Siraj.

Hi Siraj, as it is hard to troubleshoot this without taking a look at your environment, let´s discuss this on our side. Best regards,

Silvia Moreno

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