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Notification when new host with One Agent connects to Dynatrace


Hi All,

We have few questions on dynatrace SaaS.

1) Is it possible to get a notification from dynatrace when new hosts connects to dynatrace with one agent installed?Since the internal team bring up additional instances by themselves the host unit is getting calculated as monitoring is enabled by default.

2) Do we have an option to disable the monitoring via Dynatrace API based on host or based on tags.

3) When we set the monitoring to disabled state when the instance is rebooted the monitoring gets enabled. Do we have a way to make sure dynatrace keeps the history and it didn't enable the monitoring when the flag is set to off.

Thank You



Hello Sakthi, I have an RFE out to get a notification when a new agent connects to Dynatrace server. Please vote on this if this is your requirement as well.