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Problem creation Delay


Hi! Im wondering what is the normal "Delay" that one can expect when a new problem is created.

Delay as in the "problem is created" since this abnormal metric exist. We are noticing a timing of 10 minutes aprox. is that right? This is a Managed Deploy. Is there any way to improve this delay?




Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Dante,

The time between the problem occurring and the problem alerting is 5minutes. If you believe that yours is 10 minutes then you should create a support case with Dynatrace and someone will assist you further.


Hey @William L. i did, this was the response.

Currently, events can take up to 7 minutes to raise an alert due to processing ques and consolidation between cluster nodes.

When you add in the time for the event threshold to be met, this can be around 10 minutes on the high end. This is planned to be improved upon in the near future.

From the technical support perspective, I don't see any errors and would only recommend recalculating your cluster sizing to ensure the cluster is not overloaded.

So im out in the blank now, i remember that the issues where hella fast, in fact in a few videos that cover problem remediation i recall the time being faster that 10 minutes.

Will check again those videos to see if i miss anything.