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Problem occurs when CSS file path changes


In the customer's environment, CSS is managed as follows.




yyyymmdd is the date the file was updated.

ex) sample_20210618.css


Therefore, the file path changes every time the CSS file is updated.


When Dynatrace changes the CSS file path,
Although access to the CSS file is not lost, Dynatrace recognizes that the access to the old file path has been drastically reduced due to the file path change, and causes an Unexpected low load problem.


For example, suppose you have a file called "sample_20200101.css" that you have been monitoring with Dynatrace for a while.

If you update a part of this file and change the file name to "sample_20210618.css", even if it is the same file, it will be recognized as a completely different file because the name has changed.


At this time, if the source that calls this CSS file is corrected correctly, the request to "sample_20200101.css" will not occur, but instead it will start to occur from the timing when there is a request to "sample_20210618.css". 


As a result, Dynatrace creates a problem such as "Unexpected low load" because "the request to" sample_20200101.css "is no longer generated".


However, this does not mean that the expected request is no longer generated, just changing the file name.

We want to prevent such problems from occurring.


In such a case, you can see that the occurrence of Problem can be suppressed by setting the Key request to each css path and adjusting the Anomaly detection setting for each Key request.


However, if you have a large number of such files, it is very difficult to set each one as a Key request.


Please let me know if there is another good way to prevent the problem from occurring when the file name is changed.



Very interesting usecase and issue here, I would recommend reaching out to support.