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RFE - Alert on Mobile user action

Our application teams would like to receive alerts if a specific mobile user action are selected. According to support this is currently not available. They are looking to expand their use of Dynatrace and if this was possible it would greatly influence their decision.


Dynatrace Champion
Dynatrace Champion

May I ask about the use-case here? You want an alert every time an individual user clicks on a specific user action? What do you like to solve with that possibly very high number of individual alerts?

Hi. You are correct that they want to be alerted every time an individual user clicks on a specific action. We can't instrument an agent in the backend because it is I believe Kinvey SaaS and internal SAP. They would like to be notified when things happen such as a failed delivery so they can have someone immediately followup for resolution.


Michael P,

You can get this future If developers can manually instrument mobile application.

They need instrument this action with:

int reportError(String errorName,
Throwable throwable) (Dynatrace Android OneAgent API)

Then, i think, you will get errors, when user use this instrumented action.

I was just notified by the application team that they have tried implementing the throwable error and it was not working. This is for Xamarin. I will open a support ticket for this.

I was notified by support. "This is currently not displayed in the Dynatrace UI –
the only place where you can see it is in the user action waterfall. We plan to
add screens around reported errors in the future." I've asked if they could provide a possible timeline for future.