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Splunk direct logging stopped then OneAgent enabled and .NET service instrumented



Has anyone faced Splunk logging problems them OneAgent started?

We have .NET service that writes directly to Splunk over network without Splunk log file forwarder. Then OneAgent was started and .NET process instrumented we have got Splunk logging interruption.

Currently we have C# code fragments related to Splunk logging and study it. We are studiing OneAgent logs.

What else to check?

Regards, Igor



DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader

I think you should open support ticket because this should not happen. Most of the times dynatrace monitoring is transaprent for application logic, here should be some kind of conflict. It is possible that dynatrace may start some debug flag on your agent and there will be some informations. This .NET process doesn't have any text logs, only splunk? Windows event log doesn't show anything?


Thank you Sebastian! Today we are studing logs. I will you know results here. I thought someone already had come across simular problems and had siver bullet 🙂

And we already have support ticket open ....

Mystically solved in second attempt. Probably it wasn't about OneAgent...