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Who finds value in "Windows System' problems

DynaMight Helper
DynaMight Helper

I get 100's of these problems every day and to me they are mostly useless.  Has anyone else found value in Dynatrace's reporting of Windows System problems?  Maybe I'm missing something here. This is my "Boy that cried wolf" problem card that's diminishing the value of Dynatrace.





First off, the explanation of what's included in this Process Group is best explained here:


I find this useless because

- First it happens too frequently. 

- Second, if there is a TCP issue for one of the many ports it's monitoring, the problem card doesn't tell me which port is the problem so there isn't enough information reported to do anything with it.

- Third, it's monitoring based on traffic, so if port isn't receiving constant traffic it sends off alerts, which causes sooooo many unnecessarily alerts because all these ports are not intended to be called every 5 minutes.


So, I'm about to update my configuration to virtually ignore these alert in every way.  Does anyone here see any value in this raised problem?  Again, maybe I'm missing something.



DynaMight Advisor
DynaMight Advisor

I agree with you fully, never had any use for those Windows System problem events. What I see most of the time is "Packet retransmission rate for process Windows System has increased". I'm very curious to hear if anyone has a use case where these were found to be useful.