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filtering events in alert profile


Alerting profile allows to filter events based on fileds named "Title" and "Description". Can anyone confirm which of following event fields should be considered as Title and Description ?

I have tried to create filter in my alerting profile to avoid sending notifications for Demo problems:

Custom: Where Title does not contain 'ActiveGate Demo' and Description does not contain 'Use it to'.

But seems like that does not work and I keep getting notifications for problems based on these events.

  "events": [
     "eventId": -2644242399504344000,
     "startTime": 1560691561634,
     "endTime": 1560713223854,
     "entityId": "CUSTOM_DEVICE-DC4D4BE512AC30FB",
     "entityName": "ActiveGate Demo Device",
     "severityLevel": "ERROR",
     "impactLevel": "INFRASTRUCTURE",
     "eventType": "ERROR_EVENT",
     "eventStatus": "CLOSED",
     "tags": [],
     "id": "-2644242399504344171_1560691561634",
     "customProperties": {        "property_key": "property_value"      },
     "annotationDescription": "Use it to report some error",
     "correlationId": "50f46f93eb19470e",
     "source": "builtin"


OK, it seems that this event is of type CUSTOM_ANNOTATION, which doesn't include Title and Description fields.