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why it so so complicated to create custom alerts on Dynatrace?


Why it so complicated to create custom alerts? like alert when transaction count goes below certain threshold ... 


It used to be simple in AppMon.. such a complicated to create alerts in Dynatrace


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

We sure hope that custom alerting isn't complicated! 

The best way to tackle custom alerting is to think about the 4 types of configuration needed for each custom alert:

  1. Metric selection
  2. Entity filtering
  3. Threshold configuration
  4. Alert metadata

I would recommend taking a look at the Dynatrace documentation for custom alerts and static thresholds:


Is there a particular part of the custom alerting configuration that you are having trouble with? They should generally be able to be configured very quickly if you have an idea of what metric and entities you want to alert on.

Yes... we get application service count but cant setup alerts from multidimensions ... the example you gave more from front end apps ... 


On a overall note its too complicated.. cant set alert easily... something like add at multidimension itself 

Although my examples were of frontend apps, the information applies for other entities including services. As for filtering on multidimensions, using the option Add rule-based filter provides the ability to filter on any of the dimensions available for the metric. If the option that you are looking for for that metric doesn't exist, you may be looking at the wrong metric. 


Also, to search built in metrics itself it takes lot of time as we can get all built in metrics even though we dont have any metrics for the period like why we dont have aws apps at all but we get those in the drop down 

The metric selector will show all of the metrics available. To combat the list being too long, the Category option exists to better filter what you are looking for. In addition to scrolling the metric list to find your metric, you can also type in the field to quickly filter for text patterns. If you are having trouble identifying which metrics you want to use, I would suggest using the Metric browser to get familiar with different metrics and their details including supported dimensions. It can be found by using the navigation menu on the left of your screen, under the category Observe and explore. The option is called Metrics.


Still not the right answer to my original question.. and it is complicated !!

When you say you can't set up alerts from "multidimensions," are you referring to multidimensional analysis?

@phani_makireddi do you still need help with your case?
Or have you already found a solution? If yes, feel free to share. Other Community members would be happy to know the answer. 🙂


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