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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

2 visit tag not working together.


i configured in dynatrace 6.5, 2 measures to capture visit id. one for id number. second for email.

both of them work fine, and i can see email or id, when user login to website in BT.

the problem is when i configure in user experience- visit tag, i can see only the one that is primary. if the user log in with id number, and the visit tag primary is email, i won't see the id tag. ( i will see users with email ). if i change it to ID primary, i will see the ID, but not email


Hi Oded,

I've been tried to use 2 visit tags only ONCE, like half-year ago, so I am not sure if now it is still the same.

Anyway, what I observed during that time, AFAIK it seems that the secondary visit tag would only visible after you right click on each visit and read the details.

If you look at the AppMon RichClient dashboard or web dashboard, it appears that only primary tag would be displayed, there seems to be no way to display both tag at the same time.

So apparently, IMHO the word 'secondary' might be a bit misleading/confusing.

However, any other experts out there might be able to prove me wrong and there is way to display both tag in the same dashboard. And I hope I am wrong as well. Let's see if anyone else with more experience can confirm on these.

-Wai Keat


Hi Oded,

As soon as the value of the primary tag is found, the Visit will be tagged with this one. The secondary tag value is only used if the primary was empty.

Please have a look at the excerpt of the documentation that explain how the visit tag work (source documentation link😞

Lets you use the value of a measure as a visit tag. For example, if the user name is stored in a session attribute, you can use a Web Requests - Session Attribute Value measure to tag visits with the username. All measures from the Business Transaction Evaluation/Filter/Grouping Values category can be used. You can configure any number of visit tags, but one tag must be configured to act as the primary visit tag search availability. Select the Is primary check box for the visit tag you want as primary. All other tags then act as additional tags and are not displayed in the visit details. The tag is set only once per visit, so once a valid tag value is determined, it does not change with the re-occurrence of the measure.

I suggest you to open a request for enhancement to visualize multiple tags.

Hope this helps

Thank you, Martina