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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

404 error for dynaTraceMonitor , in IIS Webserver


Hi All ,

We have installed dynatrace agent in web server and configured a web site in IIS.

Gave the same port that we gave for website in the dtwsagent.ini.

I have started the agent service and the website is launching successfully , in the port.

But when i hit the URL https://server:host/dynaTraceMonitor i am getting 404 error.

We are giving this URL in our application config files and not able to see any application data.

Am i missing any configuration , because i could see the same URL with the different port number (i.e used for another environment) is giving FL(Webserver,NoCookies) message while hitting it.


DynaMight Leader
DynaMight Leader


Make sure that the web server Agent module is enabled for each site and also use the path of correct documents directory because mostly '/' is secure location.

If you already and provided the correct location for the agent path then use the same one for the monitor.




I could see the webserver agent module is enabled and the path is correct.

Where should i give the agent path ,and how should i give it for monitor.

I was in understanding that /dynaTraceMonitor is a virtual directiry and will be injected automatically.


@Babar Q.

I could see the javascript agent is not loaded when i give F12 , the agent module is enabled and the master agent is connected to the collector.

Verified the hmtl tags too and i dont see any issues for automatic injection.

Also modified the UEM for automatic injection for the system profile.

Not sure why the java script agents was not injected automatically for the website.

Send me the following screenshots.

  • Agents overview where we can see the web server master agent and the module underneath.
  • Advanced configuration from the User Experience where we can see the agent location and monitor request path.


@Babar Q.

Sorry i cannot share the screen shots , but i dont see any module underneath the webserver master agent in the agents over view and also the master agents is connected to the collector and the instrumentation is enabled.

Also we did not give the agent location and monitor request path in the advanced configuration.

I have checked the configuartion settings for the other environment that is working and its the same.