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A way to post-process memory dump in Dynatrace 6.5?


Hi all,

I have a large memory dump that requires 20GB of RAM to post-process. However, the Dynatrace Analysis server only has 8 GB. My Windows 7 work station has 32 GB of RAM which I think can be used to run post-process analysis. I have download the memory dump to my workstation, but I am unable to use Dynatrace Client to post-proccess is because it only allow max heap size of 14GB. I installed Dynatrace Analysis server in my workstation, but unable to expose it to other Dynatrace Server.

Is there anything I can do to post-process such memory?

Thanks in advance.




You can install a local Dynatrace server with a personal license and connect your local memory analysis server to that. Then you can add your memory dump to that server and do the post processing.