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ADK and UEM using third party backend



I have a site running AppMon in our java backend and UEM javascript agents in our web pages.

Web pages connect to the java backend and we have full visibility in our PurePaths from the browser and all throught our backend.

I now need to add the ADK to our iOS native app. The difference with the iOS App is that it works with the backend of a third party. This third party then connects to our java backend via webservices and then feeds the information back to the app. So it's (iOS App) -> (Third Party Backend) -> (Java Backend with dynatrace). The third party's backend has and will not have AppMon agents installed.

Is there a way to add the ADK to the iOS App and have the same PurePath detail that I have with the webpage? That is, to see the grouping between the iOS UEM data and my java backend end, maybe by propagating a cookie or a header? If it can be done, will the solution be the same on an Android Native App?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Mauricio Wittenberg.


Dynatrace Guru
Dynatrace Guru

Hi Mauricio

thats a very interesting scenario. in order to get full end-to-end PurePaths even though you don't have an AppMon agent in your Third Party Backend is to tell the Third Party provider to take the X-dynatrace HTTP Header that we put on your WEb Service calls made by your iOS app and put that same HTTP Header on their calls they make to your Java Backend. With that AppMon can connect the dots

Makes sense?

Andreas, yes, it makes perfect sense.

Thank you so much for your quick reply.


Hi @Andreas G.,

I something like this also possible in an Agentless application? We have a AgentLess application where it also is not possible to install AppMon. The application have a backend that performs one or more requests to our backend systems that all are AppMon instrumented.

Have looked there is no X-Dynatrace header in the Agentless backend, but instead all the AppMon cookies. Could we somehow passed that along to downstream services to connect the dots?