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AM 7.x - Entire Log message not included


Look to be capturing only the first part of the message written to a log.

Trying to figure out what I'm missing with this. It doesn't seem to be a char limit, or a missing logger in the sensor pack. Any ideas?

what AppMon is capturing:


what is shown in the logs (trying to capture the SQLException (-913):

18:46:59:302 EST] 000017df SafenetNonSeq E
[???:???:1520457632850]Based on the error code extracted from the supplied SQLException (-913) it appears that a DEADLOCK was the cause, or at least a contributor to, the related

Got more info from Dev:

  • Package - package

  • Class - public class ThrowableUtility
  • Method - public static String
  • LogFile -import
    java.util.logging.Logger (cry_out.log)

Any help is appreciated.


Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

If you view the Sensor Configuration of the associated Sensor Group, what is the value for Max String Capture Length? If you have more than one tab at the top, be sure to select the correct Configuration, but most users only see the "Default" configuration.

If that does not help, I would open a case.

I don't have a custom sensor placed for this. Do I need one? If it's showing in the logging dashlet as part of the message, I would think that it's seeing what it needs to. Perhaps I need to place a sensor on that method and capture arg or return?

Jason, Sorry I mis-typed. I meant to say ".. view the Sensor Configuration of the associated AgentGroup..". There's a string length limit on the AgentGroup level and I wanted to verify yours isn't set arbitrarily small.

Character limit is set to default 250. Maybe I'll just open a ticket.

Thanks for your help