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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

AND Operator doesn't work for Two Filters in Business Transaction


Any guidance fellows, i have created individual filter measure and able to get the BT count without any issues.

But while trying to add both measure using the add operation no value count is returned in BT.

I am using the User Action, where the measure contains the URI of user action purepath details and it is getting loaded in DT, when user click on a link where this two URI will be loaded individually with two different user action purepath


Dynatrace Helper
Dynatrace Helper

Hi Rajesh,

The AND operator should work without any issues when adding multiple filters. Are you able to clarify further with what two types of filter measures you are using and what parameters you have configured?

Business Transaction Documentation:





In measure tabe UEM->User Action->Page Actions->Total Time is the filter have used.

BT documentation requires more information on multiple filters with example and current one doesn't provide enough details.

Thanks and Regards

Rajesh Vinayagam

Hi Rajesh,

What I would recommend is to test the Business Transaction measures in pieces and then combine them after you verify that every measure works properly. In your case, make sure that filtering by measure A and measure B work individually.

For example, let's say I'm creating a Business Transaction to analyze homepage transactions with Chrome browser. I could create a Page Action - Name measure for the homepage action and then a Client Type measure for the Chrome browser. Then before I combine them, I could test them individually in a BT and verify that I am getting the desired output. In our case, the first test with the homepage measure would bring back all homepage actions and then the Client Type measure would bring back all Chrome actions. When combining the two measures in a single BT, the key thing to note is that both filters must be "true" in a single user action.

To go a step further, if the above test doesn't help, you could always create two BTs in parallel - one BT with measure A and another with measure B. Then analyze the user actions and make sure you are seeing specfic user actions that show up in both BTs. The ones that show up in both would be the ones that should show up when ultimately combining the two measures with an AND function in a single BT.

I hope that helps!