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API Gateway - Tagging ADK - source method



A client of ours is using Axway API Gateway and we are trying to achieve end-to-end monitoring with AppMon.

So far we have written a MessageListener which inspects all incoming messages, retrieves the X-dynaTrace header and starts a server-side PurePath. This allows the client PurePath to be linked with the server PurePath (API GW).

However when calling a back-end service from API Gateway we are running into a (minor) issue. API Gateway is using pre-defined "filters" to connect to a back-end service. It is not possible to modify these pre-defined filters. We added a scripting filter (which requests a new tag and updates the http headers), before the filter which is responsible for the back-end connection. Now from an AppMon perspective it appears as if the call to the back-end service is originating from this scripting filter.

Is it possible to somehow influence what AppMon perceives as the source method?

Thank you.

Best regards