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This product reached the end of support date on March 31, 2021.

[APPMON] - Problem changing Agent group / collector



I've just finished to deploy a new infra with 4 collectors and 1 server.
I have 2 collectors in agent_group_1 and 2 other in agent_group_2.

When i plugg an agent on a tomcat 8.5 JVM (windows), it connect on agent_groupe_1 .But when i try to change the collector adress (in -agentpath arg) to agent_group_2 it still connect me on agent_group_1.

To solve this problem, i had to remove 2 files in ..\dynatrace\agent\conf :


Is it a normal way ? Or i do something wrong ? Or is there a bug when changing the collector agent group adress (DNS) ?

Thank you.



Dynatrace Leader
Dynatrace Leader

I'm not exactly clear on what you're doing but agent groups and collector groups are basically independent of each other. There are collector groups for collector fail over and load balancing but agent groups are separate. It doesn't matter through which collector an agent connects to the server through, it is on the server that it gets mapped to an agent group and this is based only on the name of the agent you have set being compared to the agent group names. So if the name matches the agent group pattern it will map to it regardless of which collector is used.

All the collectors do is pass the data through to the server and do some storing of class cache data - they do not impact agent groups.

The collector list you're looking at only affects the collector groups and it will maintain the collectors that are present in that group, but should you ever need to move the agent to a collector outside of that group that is when I believe you'll need to clear out the collector list.



Thank you James for your answer.

You are right, my issue is not on agent groups (but collectors group). The problem i am trying to explain is :

I got collector_group_1 (with 2 collectors) responding on DNS_alias_1
and collector_group_2 (with 2 collectors) responding on DNS_alias_2

When i first launch my agent on my tomcat (java) with DNS_alias_1 on JVM args, it connect me on one of the 2 collectors in collector_group_1 . Everything works fine.

But when i change my tomcat's agent (java) in JVM args to connect on DNS_alias_2, it still connect the agent to DNS_alias_1

The only way i found to connect on DNS_alias_2 was to remove the 2 files mentionned in my first post :


Of course i will not have to move the DNS regulary but in case i have to it's thing to know, and my question is : is it normal ?


PS i am on release